We’ll simply say; this place is beautiful, we had a great time last year and we didn’t want to leave! Here is more detailed info, or the “Russ Version” from brownpapertickets.com, which we’ve listed here first:

“For years, my friends and I have been throwing large parties in fun places. We’ve had formal dinners for fifty at huts by frozen mountain lakes. We’ve built igloo communities, with ramps to haul generators and equipment via sleds to show movies in the middle of the forest. We’ve thrown make-your-own ice-cream-sundae parties on rocky mountaintops, and cooked tacos on the trailside. We can put a lot of effort in to have a good time.

As time goes on, we’ve been looking for opportunities to expand the guest list, decrease the amount of time lugging things up mountains, get more time together, and take things to the next level. I think Dumber Camp is it.

Camp Susan Curtis is a lovely camp. A large field is at the end of the rural road, with a sign for Camp Susan Curtis to the right. The dirt road follows a short distance to the camp office, and the camp below. There is a large dining hall, gymnasium, stage, outdoor bonfire area, pond, local trails, kayaks, bunkhouses, and probably some outbuildings I have forgotten. After a short visit, our foolish group saw some huge potential for good and fun.

Camp Susan Curtis provides a summer camp experience for Maine kids whose financial situations would likely have prohibited it. There is a sadly beautiful tale to its origin and mission, but I’ll focus on the happy here: for less than the cost of booking a night at an AMC hut, we can have an entire summer camp for our respectful use for a weekend with meals and some really decent entertainment.”

Come have a fun experience as adults at Dumber Camp summer camp to help kids have a fun experience at summer camp.


Dumber Camp is a weekend-long summer camp event for grown-up kids. The location is pretty with a remote feeling with an on-site pond and ample facilities. All sorts of silly events and activities are planned. Hikes, paddling, live music, events, or just sitting around doing nothing. Breakfast is provided on Saturday and Sunday mornings, as well as lunch & dinner Saturday.

Event is BYOB, and since a bunk is included in your ticket please stay the night and stay off the roads if you drink. So, bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and optional 80s camp movie attire and get ready to be a Dumber Camper!